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Hydraulic Equipment

Nishina Industrial Co., Ltd is a Toyota Industries Group company specializing in hydraulic equipment for industrial vehicles and construction equipment, from design to manufacture, primarily oil control valves.

Nishina Industrial Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1939 in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture. From its inception, the company has been manufacturing industrial products such as turret lathes and knitting machines, along with piston pins, valve guides, timing shafts and other automobile parts requiring extreme precision.

In 1956, Nishina Industrial Co., Ltd began developing control valves for lift trucks. The valves were installed on Toyota LA-type lift trucks, and since then the applications have expanded to industrial vehicles and hydraulic equipment for construction equipment.

Currently, nearly all major construction equipment manufacturers use hydraulic equipment from Nishina Industrial Co., Ltd. As a Toyota Industries Group company, Nishina Industrial Co., Ltd is forging a path of expansion in global markets.

What is an oil control valve?

The oil control valve is the heart of the hydraulic equipment. It controls the hydraulic energy supplied from the oil pump by opening and closing of the control valve. This energy is used to operate the movable parts of industrial and construction machinery (mast, booms, etc.).

Features of hydraulic equipment from Nishina Industrial Co., Ltd

Nishina Industrial's hydraulic equipment is used in Toyota L&F lift trucks, as well as many of the leading construction equipment manufacturers. The manufacture of hydraulic equipment requires exceptionally high level of perfection. Manufacturers must control all processes from casting to processing, components manufacturing, assembly, inspection, and delivery.
Nishina Industrial Co., Ltd is proud to be a trusted supplier of hydraulic equipment meeting the needs of its customers. The company's products are backed by a wealth of know-how and cutting-edge technologies rooted in a long track record of success, along with the employees' passion for monozukuri and craftsmanship.