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Toyota Super Drive AC MortorIA220 Series

*The image shows IA220-100.

Main features

Feature 1

High efficiency with maximum efficiency ratio of more than 90%

This series offers world-class efficiency. The electromagnetic design has been revamped, while manufacturing on Toyota Industries' own production lines leverages highly precise monozukuri technologies.

Feature 2

Output density 20% higher than previous models*

The new model has been completely revamped with a new structural design. Further miniaturization has improved power density by 20% versus previous models, enhancing the motor mountability.
*60-minute rated operation; comparison at maximum efficiency point

Feature 3

Seven types of stator length offer an abundant lineup

The product lineup offers seven types of motors, from IA220-90 to IA220-150, to meet customers' various output needs.

Specifications and dimensions

Model Build
(estimated figures)
Type Maximum torque
Rated output [kW]
S2 60min
Power supply voltage
Input current
IA220-090 φ238×L252 T.D.B. 48 450
IA220-100 φ238×L262 525
IA220-110 φ238×L272 700
IA220-120 φ238×L282
IA220-130 φ238×L292 80 550
IA220-140 φ238×L302 48 700
IA220-150 φ238×L312 80 550