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Toyota Super Drive AC MortorIA180 Series

*The image shows IA180-100.

Main features

Feature 1

High efficiency with maximum efficiency ratio of more than 90%

This series offers high efficiency across a broad output range. The electromagnetic design ensures low loss in all regions, while manufacturing on Toyota Industries' own production lines leverages highly precise monozukuri technologies.

Feature 2

Superior environmental durability

The series meets dustproof and waterproof standards (IP54) by adopting a fully sealed structural design.
(Test site: Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA))

Feature 3

Terminal board structure promises easy product assembly

The terminal board (patent pending) is designed for flexible cable connections. This flexible attachment of power cables makes product assembly easy.

Specifications and dimensions

Model Build
(estimated figures)
Type Maximum torque
Rated output [kW]
S2 60min
Power supply voltage
Input current
IA180-100 φ182×L240 B3 63 5.3 48 450
BE 48 6.3
IA180-125 φ182×L265 B1 74 5.0
IA180-140 φ182×L280 T.B.D. T.B.D.
IA180-160 φ182×L300 B2