NEOS Controller case study

Deployed product: NEOS controller M type

The high reliability that has been developed through lift trucks was the main factor in selecting Toyota Industries' components. Our customers are very happy with the powerful, smooth drive.

Yamaha Motor Powered Products Co., Ltd.

Engineering Div.
Golf Car Business Development Section
Mr. Yuichiro Amano


Yamaha Motor Powered Products Co., Ltd. is among the world's top three manufacturers of golf cars. Toyota Industries Corporation is honored to supply motor controllers for these world-class products. Mr. Amano was a member of the product development team designing an electric golf car with a new AC drive system to replace the conventional DC drive. The goal was a golf car with driving power and smooth ride on par with a gasoline-powered machine as well as exceptional reliability.

Reason for selection

The deciding factor was the reliability of Toyota Industries components backed by its lift truck technologies.

In the end, quality was the main factor behind our choice of a NEOS controller from Toyota Industries. We had strong confidence in the quality of the technologies developed for the lift trucks.
We knew that Toyota Industries Corporation had a perfect quality record for its motor controllers, with not a single report of malfunction from customers. We were very impressed by this. Normally, with products using many electronic components, the failure rate is proportionate to the amount of electronics used. But with Toyota Industries motor controllers, not only are there no failure in the initial stage of use, but the failure rate curve over time is markedly superior.


Our golf course customers love the new car. They are particularly impressed by its powerful, smooth ride.

The golfers themselves are saying that compared with the DC drive model, the new car has noticeably better power climbing hills and the ride is as smooth as a fresh-cut green. The feel behind the wheel is similar to driving a luxury car. Some big differences are the way the new car smoothly accelerates so as not to damage the grass, its superior climbing ability, as well as the exceptionally smooth, reliable feel when easing to a stop. The NEOS controller from Toyota Industries brings out the motor's high performance. I'm glad to say we made the right choice.

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