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NEOS controllerL-type

Main features

Feature 1

Superior mountability

The L-type achieves world-class compact, high-power output by leveraging current control technologies and a unique layout design. The result is a controller precisely matching the needs of various types of vehicles. The standard L-type can also be used for outdoor vehicles by its dustproof and waterproof design (IP65).

Feature 2

Vehicle drive control function installed

Connecting the NEOS controller to the accelerator pedal and the shift switch enables the controller to control vehicle drive operations.

Feature 3

The L-type provides a vehicle compatibility tool with a GUI.

The vehicle compatibility tool is used to adjust the motor controller's internal parameters and perform precise tuning of the vehicle. The tool can also be used to monitor operational data in real time and debug the controller.

*Windows application

Specifications and dimensions

Model Power supply voltage [V] Output current [Arms] 2-minute rating External dimensions [mm]
80L330 80 330 210x176x118
80L440 80 440

External diagram